What Our Gym Offers



CrossFit Prosperity uses functional, everyday movements with varied weights and times to consistently improve the overall health, strength, and fitness of our clients.

Mixed level group classes which will include weight training, bodyweight and gymnastic exercises, cardiovascular training, agility, speed, balance, strength, and core work. Our expert trainers can accommodate all levels by modifying workouts to your skill level and ability in a fun environment.



Prosperity Barbell

Prosperity Barbell is an Olympic lifting program that focuses on the Snatch and the Clean and jerk.

A one hour class with a concentration on the Olympic lifts ( Snatch and Clean & Jerk) This will be a class that develops technique in the lifts as well as incorporating accessory strength work.




Perspire is a 60-minute high-intensity, full body workout, utilizing bikes, rowers, light weights and simple gymnastics movements.

A 45 minute cardiovascular and core focused class. You will be constantly moving using your own bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Expect a great workout and fast results!




Private training is all about you. You’ve got goals, and a desire. We’ve got the program and tools. Lead by caring, friendly and highly trained trainers, your training program will fit your needs and abilities while ensuring that you constantly improve.

One-on-one attention and program design tailored specifically to your goals and needs. Or for those who wish to spend a little more focused time learning a specific movement with the undivided attention of one of our coaches



Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Prosperity’s expert coaches will give you personalized nutrition plan, accountability, and the education maintain life-long healthy eating habits. We work with all people – from athletes who need precise macro-based nutrition plans to achieve their competitive goals, to the people who just want to improve body composition and be healthier.


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