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CrossFit Prosperity uses functional, everyday movements with varied weights and times to consistently improve the overall health, strength, and fitness of our clients.

A typical CrossFit class will start off with an extensive targeted warm-up to prepare you for the movements of the day. Next we will either go into some progressive skill practice to teach our bodies new ways to move well or a well though out weight lifting session to add strength and improve muscle tone. Next, the class will do the Workout of the Day, a whole body combination of cardio, gymnastic, and weight lifting movements, the typical workout lasts between 5 and 20 minutes. It’s done as a group with a timer on the wall, so it feels much more like an exciting sport than a workout.

Keep in mind that we encourage our clients to scale our CrossFit workouts to suit their individual needs and abilities (and we help you with that). This way the athlete from any skill or fitness level can join class* and enjoy the workout with intensity… and reap tremendous results right out the gate! After the workout we encourage a series of stretching exercises.

And that’s it! In one hour you’ve done more good for your body that most people do in an entire week!

*Must complete CrossFit Foundations or have 3+ months Crossfit experience to join CrossFit classes*

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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