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What Our Members Are Saying

Heather - I've learned that I'm stronger than I thought!

Jackie Wescott - The gym was clean, coach/owner was very friendly and professional, and the members were super inviting.

Rob Addis - Do it! I was hesitant at first too but it is well worth the investment. Don't listen to the haters because they are people who have never tried CrossFit and don't understand the benefits and the athletic reward. Craig is a phenomenal coach who knows how to explain movements to athletes of all skill levels and adjusts the workouts accordingly. Give it a shot- what do you have to lose?

Denise - I joined because I wanted to get stronger.

Lisa - I love being part of a CrossFit community that is welcoming and motivating. And I always feel like I've accomplished something after a workout. I also appreciate the attention from the coaches, which allows me to continue to improve.

Darlene Connolly - I knew I needed to do something, I was overweight, and getting older. It was now or never. I drove past CrossFit Prosperity each day going to and from work, and decided to give it a try. I went in to talk to Craig and see what crossfit was all about. Within 5 minutes he had me convinced that it would be a good decision. He promised that varied workouts, strength training and cardio combinations along with proper nutrition would help me to reach my goals. It was just what I needed to hear! I was hooked from day one.

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